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Discover the steps to obtaining a Nexus Letter and increasing your VA disability rating.


Our expert squad performs initial evaluations on your case to maximize your chances of success.


Many veterans have gained advantages from our help with filing claims.

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  • Our certified staff has prepared a Nexus letter.

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Our Commitment

We aim to return the gesture of your commitment in the field of combat with our assistance in getting the disability benefits from the VA that you deserve. we will create a Nexus Letter that meets the requirements of the VA for you.

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Step 1:

Receive a complimentary medical screening from our healthcare professionals.

Step 2:

Submit your required documentation.

Step 3:

The Nexus Letter Is Making Its Way To You.

Gain the Benefits of Progress without Any Risk or Up-Front Costs

You can receive an evaluation of the likelihood of us being able to assist you with your Nexus Letter, for no cost or obligation, upon providing us with a brief overview of your situation and speaking with one of our expert staff members. A full assessment does come with a fee, the amount of which can be seen on the complete case review page.